Tuffgig Music Empire: We Are Grooming Raw Global Arts

Tuffgig Music Empire, a known name in the entertainment industry that has been in existence for decades, which continually, is in the process of taking great strides in harnessing young raw talents and grooming them to becoming global icons.

While Tuffgig Music Empire’s ever-green long list of achievements stands strong and unwavering, going by the challenges faced over the years, it’s desire to channeling its artists into devoting time to writing and making good sound music that would lasts so long in the hearts and soul of the people is its top notch priority.

The entertainment giant which was founded by the legendary producer, Hardy Jimbaz, is a y
nurtured young dream and passion of many years, that grew into reality.

Presently signed to the giant label, is Belliyah a.k.a the First Lady and IceSleek a.k.a the industry baby. Both artist who, in their different but special rights, are uniquely pushing through with their voices and craft to the world .

Belliyah whose voice resonates with so much soothing calmness, love and soul, one can refer to as an Afro-soul and Afro-R&B singer, has continually transcended. The popular up and coming singer, who is considered to be amongst Nigeria’s best female artist, is definitely and gradually getting the flowers she deserves.

And like he was dubbed as the “new kid on the “block, IceSleek, is the newest member of the Tuffgig Music Empire and Tuffseed. The self nicknamed “industry baby” is one of Nigeria’s up and coming hottest artist, whose originality and musical skill undoubtedly is indisputably noticeable. Unique in his own right, the Afrobeat singer is gradually making waves and drawing commendable recognitions to himself globally.

Tuffgig Music Empire (TME) while it’s busy cooking up great projects for the year and after, the music drive and market is pushing it to breaking boundaries and making new inventions in the world of music.

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