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Are you a Musician?
Tuffgig can help you record, produce, and market your song by aiding you reach more audiences all over the world. With our top-quality recording studio and a team ready to support and help you through every step of your journey, you are certain that signing up today is your first step to greatness

Meet Our Producers

Hardy O. Jimbaz

 Ceo/music producer

Ollie Cotton Jr

 music producer

Hardy O. Jimbaz and Ollie Cotton Jr are professional music producers with years of experience under their belt who have worked with renowned music studios both in and out of Nigeria; With a specialist handling each aspect of the music production process, Tuffgig Music Empire has a track record of incredible music. Hence, some of the obstacles that we would help you overcome with ease include:

Music Arranging: This is a very delicate aspect of music production. It is what differentiates amateur music from professional one. It involves the selection of instruments playing in each section of the song – how they’re “arranged” – and how these sections are arranged within the larger timeline of the song.

The rare intuition to pick the best instrument and adaptation of the composition that will resonate with the public (your audience) is also critical. Thankfully, we have a team with years of experience to help craft the best sound for you

Music Tracking: This involves creating the right sequence for the discrete musical notes positioned in several channels at discrete chronological positions on the vertical timeline (on the note). This is the process of multi-track recording – it involves joggling the parameters and effects on the musical notes.

Thankfully, we have experts in these fields and you don’t have to bother about it.

Music Editing: This involves manipulating the sound (length, speed, and volume) of the music. It is crucial that quality editing software is used for this process as it affects the overall quality of the sound. Filters and effects are also added in this phase of music production (and we take care of it for our Artists)

Music Mixing: Mixing is the process of blending all the instruments recorded into a stereo (2-track) mix. A good mix will let you hear all the instruments clearly and with detail. The sound would have depth and motion

A mixing engineer takes care of this aspect of production, combining the individual tracks after mixdown to form the stereo audio file

Music Mastering: Mastering is the process of making all the songs in an Album sound coherent. A good mastering engineer has impeccable ears and equipment and will correct any minor deficiencies in the mix that the mixing engineer might have missed due to the sound of his/her room. He’ll also raise the level of all the tracks so they’re “hot” (loud) and even in volume.

By putting each song through the same mastering gear and adjusting to the same level, it makes them sound more like they are coming from the same album.

If you feel overwhelmed by all these steps, don’t worry, we would be happy to help you out