Lawsuits are terrible - scary, intimidating, time-consuming and very costly; and nobody wants these kinds of headaches and issues in business. Hence the need for a legal practitioner

Getting a Legal practitioner aids an individual or organization to comply with the Law, protect their intellectual property rights, disclaim personal liability, explain their rules (terms and condition), and reassure the other parties (who they are dealing with - audience, business partners, other organizations, etcetera) that they are trustworthy and reliable.

For example:

Tuffgig Music empire is a registered company, with its own Entertainment Lawyer (Bar Josephine E. Eret); hence, we have the full legal backing, protection, and insurance of the Law as the company strictly complies to the legal requirements (Read our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions)

In essence, our consumers (audience), Intellectual Properties, Liabilities, Privacy and Terms are all under the full protection of, and endorsement by, the Law

Consequently, anyone (Artists, Partners, workers, etcetera) working with or under the Tuffgig Music Empire is assured that they are covered (i.e. protected) by the law (for as long as they adhere to its demands – we do not claim to protect defectors of the law in any way – our business is simply within the boundaries of the Law)

To better understand why you need Legal services for your business and organization, consider the following:

Compliance with The Law: Many states and federal laws require you to have legal backings before rendering certain forms of services (or goods), while some others require you to publicly state your privacy policies and Disclaimers.

Violation of these Laws could bring hefty fines and lawsuits for not abiding by the legal requirements, hence, getting a Legal practitioner to handle this job is paramount

Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights: Texts, posts, logos, sound, products, design, phrase, slang, branding, etcetera are all your legal property, meaning you can own them, and protect them by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property and unfair competition laws.

However, you may be disadvantaged if you only lay claim to these properties by word of mouth. Whilst having a Legal practitioner won’t necessarily prevent someone from stealing your properties, having one would aid you in reclaiming them (and even suing for damages)

Disclaim Personal Liability: No matter what happens, you don’t want to be held responsible for the actions that other people take to their detriment (whilst blaming you). It is extremely important that you have a solid Disclaimer.

The fact is that the more successful you become the more influential you get, and because everyone sometimes make errors, (inaccuracy, omissions, or plain mistakes), it is essential that you let the public know that you are not “perfect” and shouldn’t be held responsible for the actions they took to listening or imitating you.

Disclose Your Rules and Affiliations: It is also essential that you let the public know what is permitted in your organization and how you do your business so that you also have a basis for taking actions (in defense or against violations).

Also, you need to inform the public when a service (you recommended) is by a third party that you are Affiliated to: that is to say, you should let the public know that although you might gain some form of reward recommending a service you should, however, not be held responsible for the dealings of the third party. Clearly stating this helps build trust, and shows honesty and transparency (whilst saving you a lot of trouble and lawsuits).

Therefore, we strongly recommend you get Legal with your business by utilizing the Legal Services we provide


Tuffgig Music Empire provides solid and comprehensive Legal services. With professional and experienced lawyer(s) who have worked internationally (see Bar. Josephine E. Eret), we offer one of the best Legal services in the Entertainment industry.

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