Belliyah: I’m All Out To Making Great Music

Popular Nigerian artist, BELLIYAH, known for her unique style of afrobeat music and combinations of the traditional afrobeat sounds with modern influence, creates a unique and fresh sound just like most afrobeat singers.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Belliyah first began singing as a child, as she was always drawn to sounds and found her deep connection to music

Belliyah’s music is a mix of traditional afrobeat sounds, such as the use of African drums and percussion, and modern influences. She often sings in both English and Nigerian Pidgin, which gives her music a distinct sound that is both global and uniquely Nigerian.

Signed to Tuffgig Music Empire (TME), which is headed by Hardy Jimbaz, the media personality cum singer, has a number of songs to her name under TME, with her lastest hit single, titled ‘No Body’ which is opening great recognition for her art.

However, there’s so much going on for Belliyah as she’s all out to making more great music.

stream Belliyah’s latest song Nobody

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