Young Thug Gets Slammed And Called Out Over Comment On A 12 Year Old Transgender

American hardcore rapper, Young Thug took to his twitter handle yesterday 18 February 2020 to react over a recent child transgender but unfortunately, got quite a lot of back-lashing considering his tweet  regarding a transgender 12 year old boy, identified as Dwyane Wade’s. Quite un-expecting or rather was very aware of the implication his comment would spark, but rather looking and knowing the implications and slamming he had went on, as he tweets;

“All I wanna say to Dwade son is: ‘God Don’t Make Mistakes’ but hey, live your true self.”

The tweet which was basically directed to the boy, as young thug puts it, that he wouldn’t have changed his body knowing fully well he was created the way he saw himself, had also encouraged the little transgender girl to live her live.

However, while many angry Americans and some his fans and lashed out on him, accusing him as transphobia. One Twitter user wrote:

“Young Thug could have sat there and mind his business but he just couldn’t help himself. That’s how homophobic people are. They can’t even contain themselves to not post some stupid shit on the Internet.”

See post below;

Young Thug

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