You Don Wash Off The Injury, Fan Asks “E Dey Pain Dem” Q ueen Angela Okorie As She Sets To Drop Her Video.

Nigeria Nollywood Actress, Angela Okorie who is considered as controversial has been on the news for quite a while now. Actress and recently a singer who isn’t happy by people’s callous remark over her attack by assassins, has said she will go on in releasing of her latest video titled E dey pain

The Actress via his Instagram on the 15 December, had shared the story about her attack. According to her, she had survived 10 bullets that were taking out from her head. Angela whose story didn’t wash well with fans and people have questioned and doubted the fact that she ever was attacked. Some have said she might have staged her own attack while some are of the opinion that she might have done some very good makeup on her face to get her stories going and more convincing, we can not say for sure which is the intention of the actress.

The actress on 18, December 2019 had shared a post on her IG. According to her, a lot of people are pretty excited that she almost lost her life. For Angela, she is still shocked that even though she shared a video where pellets were been removed from her face, some people still didn’t believe she’s telling the truth.

On the 19, December 2019, what seemed to have been a big surprise to people is when Angela Okorie has shared a second video of her self in a car, the video which did show Angela’s face as her face appeared to be perfectly okay and in good shape despite wearing make-up. On seeing her video, fans have cried out if truly something did happen to her as she makes it even more hard to believe for someone whose head had survived 10 bullets. On another video shared on same day, Angela Okorie is also seen a captain uniform preparing for the dropping of her latest single launching “E DEY PAIN DEM”

The fans who couldn’t bear it has flooded on her page, one had gone on to ask if she had wiped away her injury while others had expressed their amusement to her act.

In one of the captions of the video she had shared she writes;

“E pain them video Dropping
Are you ready”

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E pain them video Dropping Are you ready

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