Yet Again!! 19 Year Old Bello Barakat Stabbed To Death After Resistance From Rape

While Uwa’s rape and murder issue is still on air, as more protest is still on-going because of her gruesome death circumstances, more cases of rape, molestation, and at same time murder are unfolding more and more.

The case of Uwa which is still fresh has seen more perpetrators of this evil not resting as they are still charging up on committing more inhumane acts against the girl children and young women, another one has yet appeared, as it involves a 19 year old student of Institute of Agriculture, Research and Training, Ibadan.. The young girl who was identified as Bello Barakat met her death in an almost same scenario with Uwa, the event which happened in Ibadan, Ogun State, saw the untimely sniffing off of the life of young Bello.

According to information from the first hand report, the 19 year old deceased, was around at home when that robbers had invaded their home and on seeing her they had tried to forcefully climb her, (rape) which she had forcefully and vibrantly refused the encounter, however, and according to reports, the  e robbers on seeing her adamant resistance towards them, stabbed her to death. The younger sister was the first to find her lifeless body as she raised alarm and began calling their father.

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The Father of the deceased who was still in shock , Kasimu Elepo reacting as he speaks to SaharaReporters recounted how it happened as he spoke;

 “I was not at home when the incident happened. The younger sister was not at home too, she went for Quaranic lessons but when she returned home, she saw her at the back of the house with deep cuts all over her body. She had been raped and killed.

“Somebody called me on the phone that I should come home but he refused to tell me what happened. When I got home, I saw that my daughter had been raped and stabbed to death.”

Barakat has been buried in accordance with Islamic rites.

Mean while, The hashtag #JusticeforBarakat is currently trending on social media platform Twitter.

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Yet again, another rape and mother case after the terrible death of Uwa, now Bello.. Meanwhile more calls are going on for the punishment of the perpetrators of this evil as the family are seeking for the justice of their daughter.

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