WWE Star Nikki Bella Says Relationship With Artem Is Better Than Her Relationship With Superstar John Cena

Nikki who was formally John Cena’s better half, as many have so rooted for the two WWE superstars to take their relationship straight to the alter, however, it didn’t seem to work out as the two were not able to put things together.

Nikki who has currently said “YES” to Artem will be heading straight to the alter soon since things didn’t patch well between her and John Cena. Nikki’s acceptance of Artem’s proposal according to some people didn’t come as a surprise to them as the two couple have been frequently seen for sometime now together and going by the recent, the two had gone a on a vacation in France.

Nikki had revealed she is engaged to her boyfriend Artem Chigvintsev with one of the cutest Instagram announcements of 2020. She wrote on Instagram,

“Excited for 2020 and the next decade with you @theartemc. I said yes in France in November! We have been trying to keep it a secret but really wanted to share our excitement for the New Year!”

Nikki has jokingly revealed that Artem’s parents were already asking if they were thinking of having kids anytime soon. “His dad asked his mom so his mom could ask Artem when we were having kids,” she shared. “I started to think, ‘Is it because I’m old? Did he Google and know I’m going to be 36 in November and he’s like, ‘Well those eggs are shriveling up, so she better get pregnant.'”

However, the Bella’s other twin, Brie Bella had revealed she had not agreed on the relationship between her sister and Artem initially as she is one of those who was also hoping her sister Nikki and John Cena would possibly tightened things together, but could not stand on the way any longer after she saw her sister’s husband to be was really serious and loved her so much.

Excited Nikki is looking forward to walk down the aisle this year 2020, but one thing we do not know for sure is, if we there could be a baby before the final consolidation between the two sweet couples.

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