The crescendo thundered from the first floor

What is this racket?!”, I yelled, “lower that horrible music”.
*The song blasts on*
What in the name of God is going on?!”

I tossed my phone aside and flew briskly up the stairs

Pounding on the door, I yelled out his name, asking him to turn down the darn music.

For some weird reason, he seems to love heavy metal songs, which is the direct opposite of classical music – the kind of music I enjoy on weekends like this. Classical music is gentle and classy, they uplift your spirit and help you guide your thoughts.

Heavy metal has the exact opposite effect on me. Though, I’ve been noticing something funny of late. One of my favorite authors in a Podcast the other day said he usually listens to Heavy metals when writing – he says it helps him concentrate and relax.

It still beats me how that works. But if he said that, then I respect it. people have different tastes.
My only problem is that I fear I would suffer a nervous wreck if I continue getting assaulted by these blasts of heavy metal.

I’m cool with Jazz and Afrobeat. They are beautiful. In fact, I love Afrobeats much more than I love classical songs.
Afrobeats is perfect for work. The groove and vibes just keep you in the zone.

Okay, let me tell you a little about Afrobeats

Fun facts about Afrobeat

Afrobeat is now, single-handedly, ramping up global interest in African Music.

It was originally developed in Ghana but was made globally popular by a Nigerian music legend called Fela Anikolapo-Kuti (or just “Fela”).

Fela was a genius who used his music as a weapon. He used his music to propagate the idea of black power, to criticize bad leadership, and to highlight injustice across the globe.


Fela Kuti

Right now, Afrobeat has spawned into sub-genres such as Afro-Hip-Hop, Afro-Fusion, etcetera. And it shows no signs of slowing down, in fact, it’s skyrocketing in popularity and demand.

Afrobeats is so striking that world-renowned artists like Kanye West, Alicia Keyes, Beyoncé, Drake, and many more are getting mesmerized by it.

More and more foreign musicians are being spotted featuring Afrobeat artists in their songs, and also incorporating this unique African style of music into their works.

Afro beats are anchored on distinct sounds from a couple of different influences: Highlife and a bit of funkiness are easily noticeable spices in the mix. Drums, trumpets, and repetitions are what make this simple music eloquent.

Having African roots, you would easily notice complex rhythms, heavy percussions, repeating vocals, and Pidgin English in a lot of Afrobeat music. Afrobeats are perfect mediums for expressing emotions and ideas
They are characteristically energetic, upbeat, fun, and melodious

This is why International Record Labels like Sony Music, Universal Music Group, and Tuffgig Music Empire has taken to helping upcoming artists further their success in the music industry.

Tuffgig Music Empire, for example, provides world-class recording equipment and a team that has facilitated the production of great music. They also tackle piracy issues and help secure better legal ownership and rights over the music.

Listen to one of the delightful Afrobeat music in the video below

And Oh!
Yes, I finally got him to lower that heavy Metal music.

Now, it’s time to blast Belliyah’s JARA on repeat – I’m using a headset.

You can listen, stream or download JARA on all platforms (Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, etcetera.)
Click Here To See All Available Platforms


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