Whole Sale Business Opened By In-law To Be

Many at times, some young men have been denied their bride to be because of the issue of  list rites the groom have to meet up with  in order to marry the woman he choose. While countless of girls have also been denied the opportunity to marry the man they chose, no wonder most ladies will prefer they run away with the man and make family in such cases, especially in situations where the man in question can not meet up with the list requirements or have refused to go on with marriage considering the price hike in the list.

So many believe that most of this cases can be traced down to  most Igboland communities as most in-laws  are used as a tool for building  storey building and most times you wonder if there is a plan of opening a super market store on the man..

Of recent, an undisclosed  man  has shared picture of the whole sale business he’s about opening for his in-laws, sincerely, the money is enough to start up a mega business and you may just want to ask yourself who made this laws.  Remember that most fathers and mothers of the bride, might insist on having the groom do all that is on the list without a reminder with reasons best known to them.

This truly must be the goods for a new shop or what do you think?


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