Who You Epp?? Peruzzi Lashes Out As He Replies Former Boss Of Golden Boy Entertainment Label

While Peruzzi and former Boss Patrick has been going log heads over allegations levied on Peruzzi and Davido by Golden Boy Entertainment record label. Recall that yesterday, 16 January 2020, the Golden Boy Entertainment record has lashed out on his former signed artist peruzzi, calling him a cheat after all he has done for him and while dragging Davido for not sticking to the agreement of the reward specified in the signed document and what he was going to get by letting the DMW Boss sign the musical artist and song writer. Going by Mr Patrick’s tweet yesterday, he has alleged that Peruzzi had taken song content that is yet authorized to Davido, his present Boss.

He also pointed out that if not for him, Davido won’t have made a lot of wave with the kind of songs he has released since the signing of Peruzzi. The Artist and however, since the buzzing of the tweet by the former boss, Peruzzi has gotten furious and reacted accordingly.

Reacting today via twitter, the DMW artist went on to reveal some very deep things that were never known when he was with the former Boss as he shaded by writing on his twitter handle that he never cheated the former Boss, Mr Partrick, but in return had done his quota when he was with Golden Boy Entertainment label, he also made mention of the fact that the former Boss had sold out some songs he had written without his content and has always sounded nasty with the words thrown at him when he was still with him. He further recounted how he had lost many of his songs due to his doings.

Nevertheless, Peruzzi’s statement had really got up with many twitter user with the buzzing question…Who then had cheated who?

See twitter post below

Singer Peruzzi

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