Whitney Huston’s daughter, Kristina Bobbi Ex-boyfriend And Adopted Son Nick Gordon Suddenly Dies

While one has no question to the issue of death, what has remained understandable and heartbreaking is the total wipe of Whitney’s generation.

The legendary world class singer whose death had come like a boomerage, has virtually left the world with those she had loved in just same way she had left the earth.

Whitney Houston’s daughter late Kristin a Bobbi who had died just few years,  her mother had gone, had had problems with her Bobbi Browns family over her dating Gordon Nick who Whitney had taken into her house when she was a little boy as he was an adopted son.

However, the relationship which had turned sour especially when kristina died had left him on the bad side with the girls family as Nick was being accused of the mastermind behind her death. Nick Gordon who hasnt been the same since some of the events that happened has put his name on the family’s death toll, recall that Whitney had died of over dose of Cocaine intake, so also kristina who had also battled with drugs just as Nick Gordon was allegedly accused for introducing her to drugs and Nick Gordon who was also said to have died same way Whitney Houston had died occurring in a bathtub as a result of drug overdose as it was confirmed that Nick had white substance coming out from his mouth as it was confirmed that he could have taken overdose of drugs while in the bathtub.

The 30 year old Nick Gordon’s death came up on the 1 January 2019 as many have reflected on the death toll that the late Whitney Houston’s and family had faced so far. Nevertheless, more report are being awaited as to the cause of the 30 year old

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