What A Butt Commotion!!! Ghanaian Lady Causes Traffic At The Airport

Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Tonto Dike, Anita Joseph etc they all have to take a good look at this to confirm if it is sure real or some elastic silicon. Ghanaian are no doubt known to be exceptionally endowed and gifted when it comes to body supplement, the butt is one part of their body that is undeniably endowed.

However, in the case of Jaye Love9, who according to her identity is a Ghanaian entertainer and female Disk jockey (DJ), one thing that is yet unknown is if what she has on her back is definitely the work of science or if hers was 100 percent naturally as he appearance at any where has continually brought attention to her as people are amazed by such rare gift.

Jaye Love9 had caused commotion at the air port on the 26 December, 2019 as Jaye’s swinging waist and big butt drew the attention of everyone in the airport. It got to a point where people were forced to follow her and video and snap her  as they were surprise such kind of gift exist.

Jaye who had not denied the report has confirmed for a fact that people troll in to get a glimpse of her anytime she appears anywhere and being that she is also a DJ, she had said that tally’s  with her attraction and personality.

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