Voting In Nigeria Should Stop Until The Reward For Corruption Attracts Death- Ruth Kadiri

Popular Nollywood Actress Ruth Kadiri, has topped her voice alongside those complaining of the state of corruption in the country, according to the sensational actress, voting should be abolished in Nigeria until the punishment and reward for corruption is death penalty.

Spilling her thoughts via her official Instagram page, Ruth Kadiri stated that political candidates and their parties are all liars with no exception of anybody among them.

According to her, Nigeria hasn’t changed for the better despite the promises they made in the past, even in the present. Stated;

“Based on what I’ve seen in the part, any incoming president or governor campaigning for your vote and promising you a better Nigeria is a liar. I repeat, they are liars do not vote for them.

“Any pilitucal party promising you a better Nigeria is a liar. They have ruled yet nothing has changed. Please be wise, be wise.

“We should abolish voting in Nigeria until death sentence laws are given to politicians and public servants who misuse Nigeria’s funds. I said what I said.
Correct me if I’m wrong and tell me what your government has done for you.

“The number one problem of Nigeria is political parties. Best we start voting for political parties so that when a candidate fails, we know we are done with that party”, she shared.

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