US President, Donald Trump Talks On New Findings Of Coronavirus Not Surviving Under Heat..

Based on the new report that has emerged from scientist researcher, William Bryan on  the coronavirus, as more research is on-going as to how to find ways to curb the dreaded virus and possibly put an end to it either through a vaccine…

The US President, Donald Trump has advised Americans to enjoy the sun the more as the report from william Bryan revealed that coronavirus can possibly die under heat.

The White House which is currently banking on the research and more clues as to curbing the disease just as its planning to reopen the country from  lockdown as some legible reports has it that about 2.6 million Americans have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus through the lockdown which has adversely affected it’s economy. Addressing Americans, Bryan said;

“The virus is dying at a much more rapid pace just from exposure to higher temperatures and just from exposure to humidity,” 

However, when asked if it would be safe to allow people go out due to the new discovery on sunlight killing coronavirus, Trump said;

“I hope people enjoy the sun. And if it has an impact, that’s great,” Trump replied, adding, “It’s just a suggestion from a brilliant lab by a very, very smart, perhaps brilliant man.”

“I’m here to present ideas, because we want ideas to get rid of this thing. And if heat is good, and if sunlight is good, that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned,” the president said.

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