Unhappy US President, Donald Trump Reacts To South Korean Film Wining Best-Picture At Oscar

The just concluded Oscar award which is thrilled with different reactions over the award presentation, has not just only affected some persons as the US President, Donald Trump is also one of those who seem displeased at some awards and particularly this very one. The controversial President of the US who have no time hiding his feelings on matters he did not feel comfortable about has reacted after a South Korean movie “Parasite,” won an award for best picture, best directing and best original screenplay in the recently held Oscars Awards ceremony.

Parasite was the first foreign language movie to win best picture at the 2020 Academy but Trump isn’t pleased about this. According to the president, the US already had trade issues with South Korea, so a South Korean film shouldn’t have won the Oscars.

“How bad were the Academy Awards this year, did you see? ‘And the winner is … a movie from South Korea,’ ” Trump said, impersonating an announcer, at a rally in Colorado Thursday night.

“What the hell was that all about? We’ve got enough problems with South Korea with trade, on top of it they give them the best movie of the year?” he asked.

“I’m looking for like, let’s get ‘Gone with the Wind’ — can we get like ‘Gone with the Wind’ back,please? ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ so many great movies,” he continued as the crowd cheered him.
Trump also said he had no idea if “Parasite” was good. “I thought it was best foreign film, best foreign movie — no, it was the best. Did this ever happen before?” he asked

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