Unbelievable -19-Year-Old Boy Who Used Love Portion On His Mother And Impregnated Her Arrested.

A 19-year old boy who out of curiosity tested his supposed love potion on his biological motger has gotten her impregnated.

The shocking incident was confirmed by DSP Celestina Kalu, the Police Public Relations Officer in Port Harcourt, River State in Nigeria who arrested the boy over threat to life after threatening to kill his mom to cover up his shame.

According to reports, Ekanem, the boy in question procured the love charm (for girls) from a native doctor in Port Harcourt. The native doctor told him to try it on his mother to confirm if it really works.

That was when curiosity led him to try the potion on his mother but luck eluded him and got his mother impregnated in the process.
He cries;

“I am deeply sorry for all that has happened, I did not mean to do this. I saw myself falling in love with her after the love charm prepared for me. I have to confess because I know by so doing, God will touch her mind and I know she will forgive me. I suddenly found that I was making love to mom when I thought the charm will not work, and upon the revelation, I threatened to kill her and the matter was reported to the police”.

This is very bad….What are children of nowadays thinking? what’s your opinion on this? is there justification for his action????…….Drop your opinion by joining our discussion below…


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