Two Pastors Drags And Fight Over 2020 Prophecy

While it is unarguable how many so-called servants of God have turned the house of God and people of a God as a market and money making machines, using their different manual means of siphoning the congregation  money through the means of prophecy and miracles.

In Nigeria alone, pastoral work is surrounded by a number of drama and interesting reactions seeing as these men of God usually make the news for questionable reasons.

Just recently, a young lady identified as Theresa Tekenah on Twitter took to the microblogging site to share an interesting gist she heard about two pastors.

According to the journalist, she heard that a man of God is accusing a fellow pastor of stealing his 2020 prophecies. She then described the move as a prophetic plagiarism.

Notice that a number of Nigerian pastors have churned out their different prophecies after the new year, 2020, began. Perhaps it is their way of maintaining relevance or getting people to be more prayerful.

In Theresa’s post, she wrote:

“I just heard something ♀️. A man of God is accusing another fellow man of God of copying his 2020 prophecies. What a prophetic plagiarism!”

See her tweet below:

However, her tweet has sparked different reactions and retweeting from twitter user as the story had matched up with other people’s experience.

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