Tuffgig Music Empire’s Newly Signed Artist Dhspotless Sends Dangerous Message To Haters

Block Them All By Dh Sportless

There is a saying that success draws crowd and fake friends. Some people sometimes have thought that its only seen in Nigeria, nay, it is nevertheless, a universal practice.

But maybe Africans and using Naija as a case study,  will better your understanding about people's attitude towards you in two dimensions, the first is there attitude to you when you are broke and second is another revised sort of acts towards you when you eventually have. Despite the fact that this two can be categorized. It's all about people pushing and driving you with their positive drives to your destination.

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Letter To Tuffgig Music By Dh Shotless

Dhspotless, the Tuffgig Music Empire's newly signed Artist is spreading forth with a total interesting revolutional short Christmas video titled "Block Dem All"  the video is set to re-engage your mind towards positivity as people can kill it, while some people have gotten you sad and looked you with an eye of disdain. Dhspotless, an artist who has been in that path and experience of life where no body cares about you until you finally find your footing is warming up for what is ahead in the year 2020..The message from the video is not only an everyday event but maybe could pass for a comic but quite applicable lessons you can inject in your vision 2020 so people won't drive down your confidence and courage especially if you are still struggling and rediscovering yourself, it's about what you should do to people carrying negativity all around you.

This interesting, funny but real life event video will so put you in the mood as Dhspotless gets ready to storm massively by 2020. Definitely a lot on his sleeve.

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