Trump’s Unwarm Hostility From The US House Of Representatives

The battering impeachment saga show down of the 45th president of America, Donald Trump is going through series of mixed feelings from people both from US citizens and residents to people abroad as speculations are on going as the out come of the US Senate voting will give an outlook of the date of the radical president.

Going by this event, a US Republican lawmaker cried out on Wednesday that President Donald Trump is undergoing impeachment proceedings that is led by Democrats and has she described as a I’ll treatment which is worse than Jesus before his crucifixion, causing a stir on social media.

Donald Trump has spoken out and called out against the Democratic party as he termed as party “consumed with hatred” after being impeached yesterday for abuse of power and  obstructing Congress by the House Of Representatives on Wednesday.

According to a Republican leader has condemned the impeachment of the president has said in a report;

“While we’re creating jobs and fighting for Michigan, the radical Left in Congress is consumed with envy and hatred and rage, you see what’s going on,” “These people are crazy.”

According to Trump said the Democratic Party, which controls the House of Representatives where the votes took place, was “trying to nullify the ballots of tens of millions of patriotic Americans.

However, the US president has spelled it out on he tweet and has called  it out as an  “Assault

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