Tonto Dike At It Again With Fake Life And Hype Life Saga

Tonto Charity Dike better known as Tonto Dike is not just popular with her creating of controversial topics but has always been on the news for fake life accusation and living. Fake life put ups by celebrities most especially have been a major problem in the industry as it is a form of competition where each of them showcase their affluence, wealth and achievements. Tonto Dike is sure not left out from the count of such celebrity as she has openly confessed one time of how she borrows and pays on installments just to get her wears.

Tonto Dike who started trending again with some fake life story, began when she had posted series of pictures of her Module University Dubai visit which according to the picture, she had been called as guest speaker. In one of her post at the Module university in Dubai, she had captioned one “Another one added to the Cabinet…”meaning another achievement on her side.


Tonto had shared another picture from her visit to Module University Dubai as she was captured standing as it portrays she was addressing the students on the theme, “Networking Events In Negotiation And Dispute Resolution”

While some of her followers and colleagues have been congratulating her for the success and impact  and her humanitarian journey and work, a fan was able to critically detect that Tonto wasn’t really addressing anyone but had posed on the podium and held the microphone for a good lovely picture. As this didn’t go well with many on finding out the truth of her posed picture, a lot of her followers has tackled as she has deceived them of her fake achievement which they have been congratulating her on.

However, Tonto Dike is yet to dance down the rumours and give the precise account of what had went wrong as people want to find out if probably the students did not show up for the Networking meeting and humanitarian work as she felt she had to go ahead and take her picture or if it is truly the case of her posing for a picture  she intend using to fake show she is climbing.

Remember vividly, that Tonto who had made hot topics upon her visit to Dubai as stories went up then, of her visa being seize had laughed over it as she debunked the news. So while Tonto is yet to debunk the trending matter and speak on the matter of her presentation at Module University in Dubai we can only keep the fingers crossed.





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