Tolls Of Weight Loss Company Accepts Eniola’s Badmus Recent Weight Loss Challenge

Many weight loss company surely did hear  Eniola Badmus clearly, when she had challenged them yesterday that if truly their weight loss foods and pills works as they portray, that it is high time they use her as a text and stop using slim girls who have no business advertising a slim tea or drug which should basically be done with a rather large woman, as that will pass a better message of it’s efficacy.

Nigerian actress Eniola’s Badmus message did moved like fire as it first started with most Nigeria celebrities and colleagues affirming to her statement while some like actress Funke Akindele had reposted and tried making a comic skit with it. Nevertheless, many weight loss company (ies) and their product have lined up for the actress to chose from as many have tried sending there message via her in-box as most of the individual company is looking forward for the opportunity being called up to work on the actress. Meanwhile, some of them have promised too to start up the challenge on the actress for no fee as her trial with them will surely convince her of their testimony.

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