Tiwa Declares Her Undying Love For Wizkid Says Wizkid Likes Older Women Because They Are Sweeter

Nigeria singer Tiwa Savage who has not been able to brace up to the truth about her relationship with the superstar Wizkid, despite different efforts by different media platforms she has been to who had wanted to find out, but Tiwa who was always sticking to the words that they are just friends maybe “friends with benefit” no one knows had on the 23 December 2019, given the crowd a take home information. Tiwa Savage addressed her relationship with Wizkid during a stage performance.

She addressing the crowd, had dished out that her relationship with the singer is no one’s business. Savage addressed her relationship status during her performance on Monday, December 23, as the Nigerian singer appears to have answered the question on every fan’s lips about her relationship with Wizkid.
Although the singer did not give a yes or no answer, she definitely gave fans something to think about and a take home gist. The singer had talked about her relationship with the Joro crooner during her Everything Savage concert on Monday, December 23. During the concert, Savage had described Wizkid as a special one, adding that their relationship is not a community relationship.

Savage also noted that her relationship with the talented singer is no one’s business. Furthermore, Savage talked about the age difference between herself and Wizkid while gushing confidently about herself. She said: “I may be older, but the older the berry, the sweeter the juice

However, while Nigerians have been speculating on the relationship between artist since they noticed the “Bestie tag” the two were not able to have spoken about their relationship especially from the angle of Tiwa Savage, remember the rice and stew tags on them. Even while some of their colleagues might not have agreed with the bestie tag they give to themselves publicly, Tiwa has been able to convince many with no doubts they both have been on a romantic relationship and not just about the business colleague relationship they have always hanged it on. Going by a lot suspicious romantic relationship spectrum after the two were spotted hanging out together on different occasions. They have also released songs and performed on stage together.
Meanwhile, reports on Tiwa Savage’s Monday concert had it that Wizkid and Tiwa Savage caused a stir on social media after they gave a hot performance on stage. The crowd went wild at a particular moment when Wizkid refused to touch Savage’s bum.

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