There is No Guarantee, You Will Blow If You Go Record First-Popular Lawmaker Akin Alabi Warns Cynthia Morgan

Popular lawmaker, entrepreneur and book writer, Oloye Akin Alabi has opined his own stand pertaining the issue between the embattled dance-hall reggae singer,  Cynthia Morgan.. according to Akin, his is of the opinion that she should not use her new found fame to release a new song as there is no certainty or guarantee that the song will blow..

According to her if she takes the whole fund raise for her to do a song, it will be more of a gamble as the song might not do to well as she goes back to square one, and according to the law-maker and writer, to erase that and avoid it, Cynthia Morgan needs to channel her new found life to writing and doing some more speaking , which will earn her more money and keep her sustained while every other things follows.

He went further advising the singer/rapper via a series of tweets in his official Twitter handle on Sunday, 24th May, he wrote;

“If I were Cynthia Morgan, I wouldn’t use the newfound fame to release a new song. I’d use it to write a book, speak at events, sell CDs, start a podcast etc. There is no guarantee the song will blow & people will move on if it does not. She has a better shot at success this way.

“She must find a way to capture value. All these let’s raise money for her to sing a new song. When the song comes out, you would be the first to insult her. She needs to use the new found fame to sell other things. Including the coloured hair she was known for.

“For 99% of artistes, if you don’t evolve from singing to other things, you will regret it. Music is most times a means to an end. Not an end itself. This is a chance for her to find that end.

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