The Truth Behind Cardi B’s Drunkenness Revealed

Cardi B after partying at the Cubana night club VI Lagos, complained about Nigerian drinks being hard as she got too high  from the consumption bottle of a Small Stout.

Going by the  little rumor that suggested  that the stout she drank yesterday might have been added a little intoxicating substance,  but according to Cubana Chiefpriest who posted series of pictures of her from the ordeal of Cardi B’s drunkenness of yesterday, he further explained that the hottest female American rapper alive took a mixed brew which knocked her off as revealed in the video she uploaded while being conveyed in a car to her hotel after the party.

Chiefpriest claims that she took a mixture of Small Stout and Champagne. In series of pictures shared by the Exexutuve Director of Cubana Group, Cardi B can be seen with a glass of Champagne in one and a bottle of Small Stout in the others.


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