Teddy A Cries Over Allegation Of being A Man Beater To Wife Bam Bam

There is an obvious but unconfirmed rumor flying around about the latest BBNaija beautiful couples Teddy A and Bam Bam which pits fire and trouble in their home.

According to a gossip blog, it had reported thatTeddy A domestically abuses Bambam despite in her pregnant state, though this report is yet to be verified as it has some fans on a stand up motion as many had felt that the Gangstar look alike of Teddy might while some has rebuffed it as he never showcased any form a domestic bouncer while in the house.

However, the allegation which has caused a stir in the media has gotten the reality star speaking as he has denied such allegations and scolded a fan who said he is free to do anything he pleases with his wife It appears there is no joy on Nigerias social media space going by how people seem to enjoy bad news and even spread it faster than positive ones. Just recently, a gossip blog on Instagram, @cutie_julls, claimed the newly married BBNaija couple, Bambam and Teddy A, are facing crises in their marriage due to domestic violence. According to the blog, Teddy A beats up Bambam even before their wedding and he still continued to thread in same path even in her heavy condition.

Triggering curiousity in many Nigerians, many have asked that the accusers proof to their claims on Teddy A be revealed.
A few others also said they already knew or that they sensed the unrest in their marriage. Without wasting anytime, while the unconfirm allegation was still on going, Teddy A responded to the allegations by laughing at the haters who claimed to sense things. A fan also showed support for Teddy A by saying he should not mind detractors because Bambam is his wife and he is free to do anything with her, the comment which looked more of a support for Teddy A was not received well by the reality star as this could pass on another negative and twist to the story. To that, Teddy A has responded that not to the point of domestic violence.
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In a now deleted Instagram post, Teddy A also warned the blog to keep his name and marriage off their page because it appears they only want to gain traffic by defaming him.
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