TBoss Vents Back-“Babies Are Not Only For Married People And I’m Not A Babymama But A Mama”

Tokunbo Idowu popularly known as Tboss who was one of the housemates in the 2017 Big Brother Reality TV show.

Tboss who was known for her impulsive personality, controversial and ambitious and impossible personality had made those who loved her stick to their TV set as she brings it hot.
Despite controversies going on about the supposed feminists who are turning back on their words. Tboss might the least of them who actually could stick to that ideology.
On August 2019, the Nigerian entertainer and TV star welcomed her daughter which she had announced at the time got people thinking if she was married or not as her marriage status was not revealed.
Tboss just recently had shared her opinion about baby mamas which in particular was pointing towards her as she took to her comment section to reply and slam back at some of her attackers as they came on her page after she had posted pictures of herself and her baby. while being pissed up by their comments, made it clear that she is not a baby mama but a mama.
Invariably, she was referring to her being a mother rather than the baby mama people will always direct to the single mothers who had have their kids outside marriage.

Check out the Tboss words exchange”

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