Dr O. Tenders Heart Melting Tribute To J. Rawlings, Calls Him Alpha Spirit

Jerry John Rawlings, known for his historic mark and imprint in the West African nation of Ghana and knowing how this imprints are unerasable as regarding his legacy to the Ghana, other African countries and the world at large. The former military officer and  democratically elected president of Ghana, is one of the reason Ghana […]

Meet The Nine Nigerians Who Will Be Contesting In Tuesday’s U.S. Elections (See Details)

Nigerians are blessed not just in their homeland which is enriched with lots of natural and mineral resources but unarguably, they are one of the most blessed intellectually. And because of this, tend to excel and do well especially, when they leave the shores of their country where the environment is more conducive than what […]

#EndSARS: Police Brutality On Ending As Young Nigeria Gets Kidnapped And Put In Prison By Police Officers

It’s been about three weeks since the heated call for the end of the Special Anti-Robbery squad in Nigeria who are known for their brutal mishandling of people. The call also didn’t leave the Nigerian Police force in exclusion as there are records of their brutality, unjust arrest, extortion, corruption e.t.c as many Nigerians and […]

Don’t Rush Into Marriage If You Not Financially Balance To Escape Poverty- Reno Omokiri

Former Presidential aide and author Reno Omokri, best known for his outspokenness, decided to share and give some to some, well thoughtful  nuggets to succeeding in life and escaping from poverty. According to him, the best way to succeed is to avoid problems and stay put. Read Also: “You Have Shown How Inept You Are” […]

No Wonder You Were Poisoned By Patience Ozorkwor- Trolls Fires At Desmond Eliot On Social Media

The viral video speech which is still causing some rage among the Nigerian youths and many celebrities, is definitely not coming to an end any time soon. The circulating video of film actor, director cum politician where he was seen complaining bitterly about the misuse of social media to attack leaders and disrespect elders in […]

Breaking: Nigeria Music Legend, Prince Emeka Morroco Maduka Leaves The Earth

Very sad is the sudden news of the demise of a legend, Prince Emeka Morroco Maduka whose rich cultural traditional songs way back in the 80’s remained evergreen especially in the Southeastern Nigeria. Read Also: Nigeria Celebrities Blasts And Show Their Disappointment At Desmond Eliot For Calling For Social Media Regulation The news which was […]

Nigeria Celebrities Blasts And Show Their Disappointment At Desmond Eliot For Calling For Social Media Regulation

The call by Nigeria’s popular Nollywood cum politician, Desmond Elliot on the government to regulate the activities of the youths on social media is gathering momentum in Nigeria as many youths and celebrities have reacted and condemned the action and his  to regulate social media. The recent plenary session of the Lagos state House of […]