Suspicious: Actress Liz Anjorin Throws Accolades On Kidnappers Of Akewugbagold’s twins

Lizzy Anjorin reacts to abducted twins

Controversial Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin has risen up just once more as she did when the kidnap of the twins of Sheik Akewugba gold was all over, the actress who put out video begging for the release of the twins, as at the time had called out on the kidnappers to release the beautiful twins to their parents.

And just some hours ago when news reached that the kidnappers of the twins have released the twins to their parents, Liz Anjorin who felt the need to appreciate and thank the kidnappers, took to her social media handle to make a video and  to praise and thank the abductors of the twins for their kindness and compassion towards the parents of the twins as they have been on big emotional trauma since the kidnap of their child.

The news about the return of the twins some hours ago which was let out by the father of the twins, had got many praising and thanking God.

However, Liz, while praising the kidnappers had said she can’t judge them nor either condemn them even while fully aware that there job isn’t decent and legal but according to her, she said that this one act they had done showed they have conscience and compassion at heart as its only Allah that would reward them handsomely for their kind heart.

Speaking further, the light skinned actress, voiced out that she had been surprise that even when all this were going on, many of her colleagues and others never felt the need to speak up for the parents of the twins in finding and begging the kidnappers who she said if not for their kind heart would have decided to kill those kids but that she felt her pleading video had also gone a long way to mellowing the hearts of the twins to releasing the twins.

Even though the video of her heap of praise on the kidnappers had shocked people as many had felt, how can such prayer be said to those kind of people, the controversial actress had paid deaf hear as she said that more could have happened but that since the twins were returned, that they deserve some accolades.

See video below;

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