Surgeons Burns To Death Cancer Surviving Patient

In what seems like comic to the ear is the unimaginable but real life event that was reported to have occurred at Bucharest Romania at Floreasca Hospital Romania when what was meant to be a saving life act, turns around to a take life act. 

Going by the reports surfacing and surrounding the death of a pancreatic Cancer patient who had gone to the hospital and booked for an operation for her Cancer disease, accidentally had have her life snatched from her in an unimaginable way as the Surgeons from the Floreasca Hospital had embarked on the operation using an alcohol based disinfectant and while administering it on the patient, the fluid had accidentally ignited and sparked fire as it burned the woman.

The woman 66, whose name is yet unidentified, was said according to report to have suffered from multiple burns as the burns from her body is a little below average, and while the operation could not be completed was also treated from burns. Barely a week to this mishap, she has been confirmed dead as her family and friends have expressed the sudden death and the pains she had gone through even while going through the pains from her Cancer.

According to a Facebook post  by Emanuel Ungureanu, a Romanian politician.   he claimed; “The patient burned like a torch for a few seconds until a nurse threw a bowl of water over the operating table,”

However, the Police and Romania ministry of health are already conducting thorough investigation into the death as well as investigation on the disinfectant fluid that has caused the fire.

According to the family of the deceased, they have said they hadn’t been told of “the gravity of the situation” – and were only told that an “accident” had killed her.

A relative who spoke out during a TV broadcast on the issue of the death have said: “We found out some details from the press, when they were broadcast on TV stations.
“We aren’t making accusations, we just want to understand what happened.”

Addressing the incident, Romania’s health minister Victor Costache promised to investigate the “traumatic” incident, adding: “We hope to learn from this troubling episode

While investigation is still on-going, a lot of factors have been considered as the prime cause, as Romanians have faulted the country’s wrecked health system and corruption which hovers on the system.

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