Student Reveals Why She Threw Away Her Newly Born Baby

It is no longer news how ladies terminate pregnancies, sell their child after giving birth, keep them at nearby bushes and so on. The act which has gotten lots of people shaking heads is about that of a student who decided to kill her child by throwing her down a two storey building. The lady, who is a student of a polytechnic, ran off after committing such crime.

Having been arrested, the Student opens up on why she threw away her new born baby.

It was gathered that after some days the said student of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Orumba North Local Government Area of Anambra State threw away her newborn baby from a storey building after delivery, shebconfessed to the crime, saying that she did it because she could not ascertain who the baby’s father was.

According to report, it was learnt that the baby girl was allegedly thrown away in connivance with her boyfriend and an HND 1 student of Business Administration who volunteered his room for the delivery.

while speaking with an eye witness, the baby did not die rather, she landed on the barbed wire fence of the building with her leg stuck in between the wires, her head facing downward and blood dripping from her umbilical cord which led to the child’s discovery.

its still confusing as to the actual cause of what led to the young girl throwing the new born baby having carried her for months without abortion…it is quite strange.

According to information received though, the lady and child are receiving treatments in the hospital, whereas, the guy who collaborated with them using his room, has been arrested.

This incident took place in Munachi lodge, federal poly oko.

please whats your take on this….is she write or wrong??is there any justification for her reason?? do well to say your minds in the comment box…more information as regards the incident is welcomed. Kindly join the discussion below


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