Story Of Peruzzi Not Being Cousin To Chioma Moves To Another Direction As Kemi Olunoyo Gets Dragged

Quite a lot of controversies surrounding the on going buzz and allegations put up at Peruzzi and DMW Boss Davido. Recall the allegation of the breach of contract levied on the artist and his boss by the Golden Boy Entertainment Boss King Patrick. The drama which in reverse is not only lingering but escalating to Chioma, Davido’s wife to be. The drama however, is coming forth with some little glimpse of truth that is yet unclear to all.

Popular instagram blogger Gistlover, who has been on the fore front of the detailing of the drama currently going on between King Patrick, Davido and Peruzzi has moved it to another angle and direction as the blogger got in on the drama to insert some information especially on the allegation that Patrick had made when he said Peruzzi and Chioma were not cousins but side chick.

The popular blogger debunked rumours of Chioma sleeping with Peruzzi but revealed that the new mom was once seen in Jaruma’s abode covering her face with a veil in Abuja after she had allegedly gone to seek help from the sex therapist. The blogger also mention Kemi Olunoyo’s involvement in the whole story and mess.

Read her reports;
“Hello Tueh Tueh I bring you good tidings from the Amebo Headquarters worldwide,now let’s sort this shot once and for all,king Patrick who is Perruzi former Boss tweeted about Chioma been Perruzi side chic and that they are not related,now let’s analyze this,Davido,Perruzi and the said King Patric has been shaping each other for a while now on social media,now the said king Patric only quoted what una Yeye investigative journalist tweeted last year,about Perruzzi having a thing with Chioma,he only quoted the Yeye woman,not as if he is saying it with all honesty or any evidence,Boom twitter people started circulating it and they Yeye old hag is now claiming been vindicated,tueh,somebody that is always going back and forth like a faulty clock,King Patric played a smart one and it worked,Kemi has been demanding money from The Adelekes family and they ignored her,reason she keeps bringing them down at any given opportunity,here is somebody who said she is quitting journalism and going fully into being a minister of God,Kemi has Always been a liar except few cases that she was right,Same person that collected Nigerians money all in the name of Ptsd and she port to lagos from ibadan,same person that lied that she was robbed and started using her sons account to solicit for fund(the evidence of Kemi staged robbery is on our website)The Adelekes family did well by not giving her a dime,same person that collected money from Fatoyinbo to support rape,no dignity whatsoever,keep witch hunting the Adelekes,king Patrick only quoted you Aunty Kem Kem,stop feeling fly,you are so wrong,yes Chioma was once spotted covering her face with veil in Abuja at Jarumas place,but all Na to win baba Ifeanyi Heart the more,but cheating??no way,say something else Kemi Hungry journalist,I come in peace”
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