Social Media Will Make You Envey Those you Should Be pitying- Nigeria Singer Erigga Speaks

Warri-based Nigerian rapper, Erigga is keying in words of wisdom to those who would like to take it.  The rapper who couldn’t hid his words and concern on the life showcase on different social media compared to the life in reality took out time to dish out some meaningful life lessons to his followers on social media.

The rapper who is known for his controversial opinions, obviously targeted his colleagues this time as he seemed tired with the type of life they throw to the face of the people and  their fans.  Erriga who wrote on his twitter handle on the 11 January 2020 said that;

“social media makes people envy who really deserves pity”

The tweet which got many of his fans retweeting, has also gotten the attention of some twitter users,  as his words sinks deep.. Considering the fake life and luxury exhibition being showcased  by some of the celebrity, you might probably think them to have all the things that money can buy while they are misleading and leading their followers to wishing they could be them while engaging in all sorts of incriminating  activities.

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