Singer, Kelly Rowland Makes Striking Revelation About How Hurting It Felt Living Under Beyonce’s Shadow

Pop Singer and destiny child’s group singer, Kelly Rowland is presently one of the Judges on the Voice Australia..Kelly who has been a judge a couple of seasons on the Voice Australia, coaches alongside the likes of George, Delta and Guy.

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Just while the seasons is still ongoing, she, on the show made some very striking revelation about her experience as a Destiny Child’s member and has revealed that it was quite overwhelming being in the shadows of Beyonce during their days in the defunct group Destiny’s Child.

The group which was formed in 1993 performed together before it was disbanded in 2006 through reunited a couple of years later where they performed together.

However, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce remained friends ever since and have also been quite close, even though people have always been fond of comparing the two singers.

Opening up during an appearance on The Voice Australia, Kelly said:

Can you imagine what it’s like being in a group with Beyonce?

“I would just torture myself in my head. Like, ‘I can’t wear this dress because they’re going to say it’s like B’.

“Or, ‘I can’t have a song like that because it sounds too much like B’.

“I would be lying if I said no, it’s never bothered me. That’s bull.

“There was a whole decade, if I am being completely honest, a decade where it was like the elephant in the room.

“It was the thing that would constantly be on my shoulder.”

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