Simi Fires Back At A Fan Over Sowore DSS Matter

Nigeria soft spoken Simisola Ogunleye, now Simisola Kosoko best know as Simi is on the list of celebrities reacting to the current issue of the convener of RevolutionNow protest, as she has joined the likes of Davido who has called the actions of the DSS as ill to rule of law. The re-arresting of the convener has pushed Simi to lending her own voice on twitter as she tweets “This Sowore matter is soooo ridiculous”

Nevertheless, amidst her tweet, a lot of comments have been popping on her tweets with so many fans chanting about freeing Sowore while others also tagged with her “Ridiculous” nature of the matter,a fan who her tweet didn’t go well with  has asked her to just quite tweeting about it and use her influence as a celebrity and her fan base to raise a voice to the injustice as her tweet reads “Yes it is Simi. But you can do more than tweet, you have a huge platform,u have followers,we can partner with you to give them a political education on why this act should not be condoned and what can be done about it.Our people need information, u can help spread it.”

Meanwhile, Simi did not wait for the fan to drop her pen as she fires back at her advise, reacting that celebrities are called out on many situations to speak and fight for injustice done in the land without the backing of the people as they can easily desert when they get into trouble.

Here is how it all went down

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