Seun Lied Initially, He Should Be Sued For Risking The Lives Of People At The AMVCA – Stella Dimoko Korkus Cries Out

Popular Instagram Blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus is obviously saddened by the deception that has followed through with the man who had carried the deadly Coronavirus to the AMVA few weeks ago, as she is of the opinion that the man, Seun O, who tested positive to coronavirus after attending the 7th AMVCA should be sued for risking people’s lives.

According to Stella, Seun had lied to her that his test result came out negative and was utterly disappointed and short of words when she saw him update his Instagram page with a post which reveals that he has recovered from the virus.

Meanwhile, recall that just a day ago, Seun, the Nigerian, UK photographer has tested negative to the coronavirus disease after being on isolation and treatment ever since the discovery of his status.

Reacting She wrote;

“When his chat with his friend was leaked concerning his coronavirus status being likely positive,He sent me a mail and inboxed me also on Instagram explaining what happened and how his friend betrayed him.

”He also said that he felt good and that the test had been carried out but the result was not out.  I kept asking him the result of the test becos there were people that attended the AMVCA who were really scared of infecting others and had contacted me to ask if i can confirm for them. I said YES.

“He finally confirmed to me that his test was negative and he was talking to his lawyer about the next step to take concerning his friend that leaked the chat. I was really upset on his behalf that his friend had betrayed him.

”I asked twice and he confirmed twice that he was negative and I passed on the message to those who had come in contact with him at the AMVCA and they heaved Sighs of relief. .
I don’t follow him on Instagram and the only reason he made breaking news to be noticed was because of the coronavirus news attached to him.

“Last week i told him somebody was planning to sue him cos he supposedly tested positive but he beat about the bush and subtly edged out of my questions. I told him to defend himself cos his name was being dragged and he said he would respond at the right time. ….he even me of looking for breaking news from him and i told him it was an insult to say so cos ii could as well have published our emails.

“I bade him byebye and . I was shocked to see that he posted he had beat coronavirus and was just let out of yaba quarantine Centre. So all the time he was denying he was positive he was actually quarantined ?

”And then I had told people who had been in contact with him that he tested negative and was even fighting and exchanging words on his behalf. This man is a wicked man and somebody should sue him for risking lives and lying about it. Wicked man.

”I applaud the friend who betrayed him by revealing that Chat cos it helped a lot of people stay indoors.

”I hope he apologizes to all the people he exposed to the virus who passed it on without knowing and are not documented. Evil man”.

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