Segun Arinze In Big Trouble Over Brutal Attack

A Twitter user identified as @CloakedAdonis shared a video of what seem like a hard beating coming from the Nigeria Actor, Segun Arinze.  Adonis explained in his post that the supposedly Actor’s houseboy had tried to remove the actor’s burglary proof and had also used his car without permission, as this case frequently occurs with domestic staffs as they can be mischievous at times. But the beating which the twitter user said he saw Segun Arinze give to the houseboy was brutal and didn’t need to go that far. On seeing the report and video shared by Adonis, Segun Arinze have tried to clear himself by identifying the fact that most domestic staffs can really get on their Bosses’s nerves but that he was not as brutal like the twitter user who shared the story had projected.

According to Adonis, he saw and was an eye witness when  Arinze’s house help already wounded from his boss attack as he tried attacking him the more. The Twitter user who already explained the reason for the altercation as  the boy had removed the actor’s burglary proof and also used his car without permission but claimed that despite the fact people can tear up the trigger and madness in any one but maybe the actor had gone far with his attack on the boy.

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