See What Nigeria’s Rising Star, Queendalyne Revealed About Herself

Nigeria’s rising star, Queendalyne is one sensational artist that is blended in a full diverse package. This is to say that she can switch on from different genres of music.

While Afrobeat music is the other of the day in Nigeria, Queendalyne who also has a blend of Afrobeat in her musical artistry delivery, has also originated another genre she refers as Afro-Root Reggae. According to her, her reason for the blend of this genre of music is to infuse the African Culture music style with the Reggae music, giving it a total spiced music sound.


While there is an anticipation of her up coming single titled “Prayer” under her record label, Tuffgig Music Empire, Queendalyne, on this first single has unveiled her Afro-Root Reggae music and while there is a determination to take the Nigeria music both at international level by surprise, the drive and passion to keep pushing is very much alive in her as she can’t wait to explode and shine.

However, her single “Prayer” is on the move as it’s audio and video is expected to be out same time in few days from now. We can’t just wait as we are hopeful that we won’t be disappointed.

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