See What Chris Ngige Said About Ndigbo That Will Make You Cry

While the truth is very glaring about how some set of ethnic group in Nigeria have been marginalized and have always felt sidelined. The Minister of Labour and Employment and former Anambra State Governor, Senator Chris Ngige is not seeing it that way, as his people from the Southern Eastern part of the country have been in the history book of Nigeria as always at the bottom line of appointment and recognition despite their wholesome contributions in the nation.

According to Ngige, the South-Eastern part of the Nigeria is fairly represented and accorded its due entitlements by the President Muhammadu Buhari led government.

Ngige said that the zone was not being marginalised as perceived by some individuals and warned elites in the south east who according to him “are orchestrating propaganda’ to desist from doing so.

Speaking at the  Emergency Stakeholders meeting of the Association of Eze Ndigbo, 19 Northern States and Abuja at the weekend in Abuja said the propaganda incited the chaos currently happening in that part of the country.

The meeting was organised to discuss the destruction of lives and properties in the southeast zone and the insecurity bedeviling Ndigbo as a people.

Addressing the participants, Ngige said Buhari has shown friendship to Ndigbo, maintaining that the South East has gotten a fair share of what is due to the zone, especially infrastructure-wise.


He said the Government assisted the 36 Governors with bailout funds to pay shortfall in salaries in their respective states and went further to give them budget support to help them to execute budgetary projects and programmes and give life to their people.

According to him, the Governors in the South East zone received the support even though at the time, the zone was a PDP zone.

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