Rudyboy Gets A Shock Of His Life As His Benevolence Gesture To Fans Turns Into Insult

Popular singer, Rudeboy of the Psquare duo, is not just angry but furious at the extent most fans will go in getting one angry. The singer, who in his benevolence heart decided to put smiles in the hearts of his fans ended up getting the biggest slap of his life..

The popular singer, who got a shocker response basically at which others would probably jump up in appreciation after a beneficiary of his largesse shocked him as he got a rude attitude from a fan who was a beneficiary of his giveaway.

Paul, a.k.a Rudeboy in his usual giveaway period just like many other celebrities had thought to give and support most of his fans at this time of hardship and general quarantining period due to the coronavirus pandemic, had decided to give out money to people on social media to enable them to survive in the advent of a lock-down, unknowingly to him, he was about to receive a bombshell.

The singer revealing on his Instagram story had shared his experience as one of the beneficiaries belittled his gesture.

According to him, the person wondered what he could possibly do with the money Rudeboy has  given him which he insinuates that he finds it to be too small.

See the screenshot below.


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