Resolute To Positivity -Tuffgig Music Empire Message For 2020

2019 is a year that has come and gone with its loads of ups and downs, as well as beautiful and not so good moments. Some will consider it an awkward year, while some will confidently say “It’s been a good year” quite depending on your general outlook, perspective, and rating from how the year has treated you, how you have treated yourself in the year, and how you have treated people and let people treat you. All are hanging on you as you reflect and dust off those things you surely don’t want to carry along with you to this beautiful 2020.

“Block Dem All”, a short music piece from Tuffgig’s first son and major signed artiste DH Spotless could pass out or assimilated as a hate song, but take a pause, listen again; It’s got the positive vibe and a resounding message on the focus that could carry you through the year 2020.

Remember, some of your so-called friends ain’t truly friends until you find yourself in a tight corner, as that’s the time you get to discover who they truly are. Some have practically killed your vibe, put you down and filled your mind with “I don’t think I can”. All these are effects of the negativities that have been feed into your mentality. Well, you can let it be and allow people to hold you down again this new year; You can also free your mind from all negativity and be “resolute to positivity” which can only make you unstoppable this year. Whichever is entirely your choice.

This is the best time to trace back your root, target and redirect yourself to your first value and priority. While 2020 is here, it could only be about breaking forth, it doesn’t matter if you are in the music industry as the words seem to pin in, it is applicable in all aspects of life.

Tuffgig Music Empire has not only come to win but has also come to stay and take you along through the journey of 2020 with lots of positive vibrations: flavored with soul-feeding and healing music. So when it’s hard breaking through, take a long walk like “Jill Scott” and spice your year with color as it bids you to survival.

Tuffgig Music Empire with earnest expectation for an amazing full packed 2020 events and showbiz drives through that positive energy of actualizing its major goal and objective. So note yours, seal it up and work towards it. And if you ever sense any negativity that could be a setback to your vision for 2020, step aside, “Block Them All” and “focus.

Happy New Year Everyone. Stay positive.

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