R. Kelly’s ‘SURVIVING PART 2’ Premieres January Ex Wife Says She’s Not Part Of It As The Trailer Is Misleading

The the second documentary story on the life of R Kelly which is centered on the interest in the sex abuse allegations against the embattled R&B singer, is scheduled to premiere Jan. 2.

The 5 1/2 hours long docuseries, is set to air across three nights on the Lifetime network. The Surviving Part II is set to unveil new survivors and supporters in a press release issued on Wednesday as the new accusers of R Kelly’s sex abuse in the initial series will also participate of this second docuseries. The new series airs as Kelly, 52, faces a slew of charges as three out of the four of the victims  who had testified of R Kelly’s sexual Abuse were of underage at the time as it builds up part of the series in the second coming documentary.

However, while the docuseries is being awaited, R Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly has made it known that she has nothing to do with the second installment of the ‘Surviving’ docuseries  as she has a list of reasons why she had declined and rejected in participating on the “Survival Part 2”

According to Drea Kelly, she has said that the official “trailer to Surviving R Kelly II” is misleading to the audience and does not represent the real truth as the trailer made it look like she was fully involved in the whole process. According to Drea, She said that the trailer shows a clip of Drea from the Original “Surviving Docuseries part I” that was aired in early 2019 in which she played a substantial role as she went on to say that it made her unhappy.

Drea says she’s been adamant about refusing to be part of the follow-up, but despite her requests to not be linked to it, Lifetime played it role in a way.

She says she got a lot of negative backlash from the public after the series was aired, but on top of that, she has many grievances with the network and production company. According to her she had requested that her kids  and family be left out of the second docuseries  as her request was ignored, and there has been a general lack of support, security and aftercare for survivors who participated. she  said she had wanted to reiterate  as she has no involvement and did not approve any footage or stills of her likeness and is not actively promoting, nor consulting the follow-up series.” Though she has affirmed that it is  interesting because another notable person is featured in the new trailer, one of  Kelly accusers, Lisa Van Allen. However, she has said she has nothing to do with ‘Surviving Part II’ because she’s satisfied on how lifetime has been handling the subject matter.

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