Prayers Mounts Each Other From Friends And Colleagues Over Celebrity Couple, Banky W And Adesua Etomi 3 Years Of Marriage Anniversary

Many will say they are one of the most loved couple in the entertainment and Nollywood industry, anyway, how ever you chose to address them depends on you. The couple who sometime ago,  some rumors had rose up about some discord between the two that was almost leading to crashing..All is a matter of rumor as the both loved up couple woke people up to their wedding anniversary early this month. The couple who obviously are filled with joy could not hide it as they made it public.

However, the couple got so many best wish messages from colleagues, friends, family and fans, celebrities like Mo Abudu, Sola Sobowale and other well wishers took out their time to pour out heart pouring prayers.

Writing about their journey so far, Banky W had written a long love message on his Instagram handle, he wrote;

The strength of a building is in its foundation. Many new homeowners are focused on the surface things.. the design, paint, finishing and accessories… the things you can see. But the part you can’t see is actually the most important of all. The structural integrity of a home requires a foundation that is built to last. If you get the foundation right, everything else can be worked on over time. You can fix cracks in the walls. You can put on a new coat of paint. You can refurbish, redecorate, and renovate. But you need to get the foundation right if you want any chance of standing the test of time.

3 years ago today, we had our “introduction”. We took that first step in the #BAAD2017 wedding process, and at that time, we were both very much still works-in-progress. And even until today, we still are. But God has been so good. He’s been faithful. He’s the reason we have made it this far, and the reason we are deeper in love and stronger in our bond than ever.

Grateful for the journey, every step has been worth it. Grateful for all the lessons learned, and the blessings still to come. Grateful for what we are building, and grateful most of all for our foundation.

Thank you Mrs W. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for building with me. I love you.

And most importantly, thank you Jesus.

Happy Intro-versary @AdesuaEtomi
#BAADFOREVER “…and the rains descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.”
– Matt 7:26″

And Adesua Etomi responded with “Chineke!awwwww???…once upon a time, I thought I was the sweetest, most romantic person….i will like to use this avenue to tell myself ‘Leemao’. You can calm down sir, nobody is dragging romantic crown with you. ??? You my darling, are still one of the best decisions I have made. You see you and I? We’re gonna do Great things. Thank you for not making this marriage thing a thing to be endured but enjoyed. I love you bubba.”

The action garnered prayers and well wishes from fans, friends and industry colleagues.

A Fan, Desirable Mimi wrote “congratulations ? your kids are so going to be beautiful l. I can’t wait. I’m watching lol ?”

Media Mogul, Mo Abudu who recently became a grandma wrote “Much love always, God keep you both enveloped in his arms now and always”

Veteran actress Sola Sobowale wrote “Ayo ni tomo olorun. You are forever blessed”

See screenshots below:

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