Popular Singer, Ruggedman Persuades The President, Muhammed Buhari To Address The Nation Over The Covid-19 Pandemic Amidst Panics

Going by the fact that so many Nigerians are expectant to hear what her amiable President, Muhammad Buhari will say to his people as regards the issue of the dreaded Coronavirus Pandemic global issue, Popular Nigerian singer and rapper, Ruggedman has come out to call on president Muhammadu Buhari to do a live broadcast to the nation following the coronavirus pandemic and address the nation as ever since the arrival of the deadly pandemic in Nigeria, the president is yet to address the nation.

He made this call via a post on his official Twitter handle on Saturday.

He tweeted:

Mr President @MBuhari with all due respect your citizens who voted you in want to see and hear you speak. This is 2020 and the nation is in the middle of a worldwide #COVID19 crisis and close to panicking. This is no time for cameo appearances.
Speak to your nation.

However, Ruggedman’s call have been met with mixed reactions from his fans, as some have asked him to leave the president alone while others had opined that the presidency coming forth to address the nation at this time won’t do much in the situation the nation is in at the moment as one of the nation’s battling with the pandemic.

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