Popular International Star, Jay Z Rated Low Amongst Other Renowed World Legends

While many had never liked the idea of comparisons especially between performing Artist, some just don’t mind as it does help them in evaluating musical aristes and their performances.
However, a Twitter handle user has made a very controversial comparism between world’s greatest rappers as he hits hard on international supersatr and legend, Jay Z.

The Twitter user identified as Michael King has stated categorically his take and stand on the rap abilities of American rapper, Jay Z. Comparing the American business mogul to rappers such as the notorious Biggie, Nas and Eminem.
Tweeting his stance on all this the fan @micolarz tweeted by asking, he as he wrote:

“Jay Z is a GOAT but i think he’s behind Biggie, Nas and Eminem. Put the four of them on a track and I reckon jay Z will have the worst verse.”

Concurring with his view, another Twitter user identified as Oluwaseun Adeleke with the handle @hamzieelous rejoined:

“I remembered Em’s ‘no love’ ft Wayne.. Wayne was trying to prove something Em’ was just too good far above competition from wayne. Jayz is no where closer to Em, Nas and Biggie”

Meanwhile, the comparison did not end there. The Twitter user took things a step further by creating a poll in which he asked fans to vote who would have the worst verse on a track featuring the all four of them. Jay Z had the highest votes.

See tweets below:


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