Popular Controversial OAP Daddy Freeze Has Blatantly Aired His View In Disagreement With Nigerian Veteran Actor, Pete Edochie’s Perception On Men Kneeling Down While Proposing

popular media personality, Daddy Freeze for some very strong reasons and personal perception, understanding and assimilation of the trending interview of Nigeria’s veteran actor, Pete Edochie, has  felt the need to address the matter and reach out to the legendary actor so he can retrace or rather, retrieve his words, when he said in the interview that he granted that men who kneel to propose to the lady they intend marrying, according to the actor, are total buffoons and compound idiots as they have just given their household and mantle of authority and leadership of the home to their wives.

He went further to site example with the happenings in the western world where when in the case of divorce or problem between the couples, the woman takes over everything and leaves the husband with nothing which he said was basically caused by the kneeling of many of this men while proposing to their wife to be

The statement by the veteran actor on Thursday led to and cause serious debate on social media, with some class agreeing with the actor’s view, while others opposed it vehemently.

Reacting to the actor’s statement, the OAP expressed that kneeling to propose to a woman is a personal choice that should not be a source of debate or mandate. He went on to urge that the energy stretched on the issue of kneeling should be expunged on other issues such as child marriage, female genital mutilation etc.

However, Freeze has called on the veteran actor to re-channel his words properly as this are not a big issue that needs bigger concerns if our tradition is going to be looked into, as he emphasized that some of our tradition needs quite an overhauling so as many of it are evil and needs a holistic overview.

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. Dear sir, I have a divergent view regarding our cultures and traditions. I personally believe many African cultures and traditions are wicked, sexist and should either be discarded or at the very least overhauled. – Examples include, but are not limited to: – 1: Child marriage. 2: Female genital mutilation. 3: Widows drinking the water of dead husbands corpse. 4: Preference of male children over female. 5: Women having to ‘give a man his children’ if there is a divorce. 6: Arranged marriages. – Kneeling before a woman is a ‘cute’ culture, that has no physical or spiritual implication and can never be compared to the physical and emotional trauma of female circumcision, Child marriages or the arranged marriages that are part of our ‘culture’. – I believe kneeling to propose is a personal choice and is honestly not this deep as many people who fight for the preservation of our culture still pray to a white Jesus, and read the King James translation done by the man who sold our ancestors like cattle.? – I would rather we focused our energies on expunging wicked and barbaric cultures and traditions, because if we Africans weren’t wicked, Mary Slessor would never have become famous for abolishing the killing of twins. – Also, quite a few of these traditions have been infused into our imported religions, leading many into the delusion that they are ordained by God. – Stay blessed sir, ~FRZ – ◄ Matthew 15:9 ► New Living Translation Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’”

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