Peter Okoye’s Post Gets Him In Trouble With Fans

While many are yet to get over the prolonged separation of the twin duo brothers “Psquare” and their elder brother who have decided to go separate ways with their individual solos and careers as they seem not to be thinking or talking about getting back on same page as before. One of the Psquare duo Peter Okoye who has taken the stage name as “Mr Peter” currently doing and standing by himself as a solo artist just like his twin brother Paul Okoye.  Mr Peter Tweeted on the 11th December, 2019 about his new sealed deal which was going to last for the next 4 years as he says am done for tonight.

Seeing this tweet got on a young fan twitter user by the name Philips Nonny @Philips_Nonny who vented his anger at him by throwing a handful of shades at Peter as he replies Peter Okoye’s post, as he openly told Peter of the Psquare that he isn’t minding his business as he is busy trying to compete with his other twin brother Paul Okoye as he advices him to learn how to make good quality music from his brother rather than make the kind of music he is doing now.

Peter Okoye who didn’t find the post funny went all ahead to dish him some yummy advice as his tweet got some divided opinion from Twitter users as some critized his reply while others have equally attacked the twitter user who had set the fire.

The post of the twitter user who has called out on Peter Okoye is not wavering the super star as he is penning more deals on the paper even while he has said some few hours ago that the separation between him and his brothers has helped in renewing his age and giving him peace of mind. While the brothers have been separated since 2017, it is yet unsure if they will be a coming back of the Okoye’s family even after so much plea from other colleagues and celebrities.

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