Outspoken Actress, Susan Peters Speaks Against FG And NCDC On Palliative Measures Procedure Through The Use Of BVN

Outspoken Actress, Susan Peters has said that the giving out of  palliatives to Nigerians through Bank Verification Numbers, BVN, is definitely not a workable palliative strategy as it will surely sideline lots of Nigerians.

It is no longer news that Nigerians have been crying to the Federal Government on the equitable distribution of its proposed palliatives  which she is mapping out to go round the people in the country especially going by the set of people who it has said, will benefit from it as the government have made mention that it is going to avail the palliative through BVN instead of going house to house.

However, Susan Peters believes this won’t favor many poor people on the streets. Speaking her mind; she wrote:

“Well this is convenient for those who have accounts and verified, what about those who live on the streets with no bank account?

“Who will help those ones? Government should please look for a remedy that will soothe everyone especially the poor masses. The rich can fend for themselves but what about the poor?

“Some of these people live off food they sell, parking lots etc. Where will they get help from? Please my advice to address this before it gets out of hand.

“We understand that the lock-down is to curb the spread of the virus but still if they have no means to survive it won’t be long.
The authorities concerned do the needful please !! Concerned Nigerian”.

This is coming hours after she slammed Bill Gates’ wife Belinda for saying she sees dead bodies on the streets of Africa over COVID-19.

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