Tuffgig Music Empire being a multi-entertainment media and management company is stuck with exceptional talented human resource team who are committed to actualizing the goal and aim of the company. While we believe in joint team work and committenent, our team which comprises of both knowledgeable young personels, believe in the ideology of a touch of excellence in their different specialized areas. And in this uniqueness of purpose as a multi-entertainment brand is what we build on because we set our goal and believe strongly in the future.

Our Media And Marketing Team


Amarachi Chukwuemeka a.k.a Olagold currently, is the road work manager. Having quite an experience, she is very keen and passionate about her work essentials


Offiah Nneka Theophine aka Nikky O is a prolific and articulate writer, blogger and social media content personnel. Currently studying Entrepreneurship at the Nnamdi Azikiwe university. Her hobbies are reading, researching, traveling and cooking.


Favour Emeti Oluchi a.k.a favvywhite, is a distinguished, devoted lady who is very zealous of her work and her hobbies are singing and she enjoy traveling, writing is also not left out.

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