Nollywood Actress Charity Nnaji Set To Leave Husband Over Domestic Violence

Everyone has got issues to handle and solve..and what seem not a very good news to begin the year is what Nigeria Nollywood actress Charity Nnaji shared on her IG on the January 4 2020. While it appeared that most of the women in the Nollywood industry who have been married had laid hand on cases of injustice done to them by their various husbands which circles from domestic violence, to infidelity, to dominance and mismanagement of funds e.t.c

The rising Nollywood actress seem to be under same pressure as she had shared a post which rather evidently points at the fact that she might be leaving her marriage due to domestic violence. However, it sure appears the beautiful actress and mother of one is going through domestic beating and battering form the hands of her husband. The actress who wrote;

“Hard time for me I need your prayers, my fears as a single mom but i really don’t have an option right now #SayNoToDomesticViolence”

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?it is well???

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Charity’s post had been accompanied by floods of comments from fans who are bidding her to be strong, some have said that marriage was not a do or die affair and needs to leave since it’s the case of domestic violence.

while some of her Instagram fans are furious over the way celebrities find joy by sharing their private life with the pubic instead of finding solution and solving their problem themselves instead of creating unnecessary attention one had written and directed her comment to the actress as she wrote;

“please take your personal issues out of SM. Seek the right help, this recent need to run to the public at any opportunity is all shades of wrong. I love you sis”

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